Phases of Pulmonary Rehab


Total Health offers several phases of pulmonary rehabilitation. As you gain strength and your lung function stabilizes or improves, you move through the following phases. Please remember that your rehab timeline is unique to your body and its condition.

Phase II-Outpatient

You undergo an initial evaluation to help Total Health’s pulmonary rehab team and your physician develop your individualized treatment plan. Your exercise training may include stretching, aerobic training, resistance training and breathing techniques. Learn how to manage your respiratory disease through specialized, ongoing education. During each session, a Total Health team member monitors your heart rate, oxygenation status and blood pressure. To ensure your safety, a physician is always present during Phase II pulmonary rehab.

Phase III- Medically Based Exercise Program

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Phase II and become stable and independent. Moving on to Phase III means you continue your rehab with a medically based exercise program. You may no longer need to be monitored as closely. As always, the Total Health team is on the exercise floor and ready to assist whenever needed. Those who have respiratory disease and may not be candidates for Phase II are also considered for this program.

Phase IV- Maintenance

Phase IV is a long-term exercise program that emphasizes long-term lifestyle changes such as a regular exercise program. Your individualized program helps you practice and maintain healthy habits to manage your respiratory disease and reduce the risk of future exacerbations.