Phases of Cardiac Rehab

Total Health offers several phases of cardiac rehabilitation. As you gain strength and your health improves, you move through the following phases. Please remember that your recovery and timeline is unique to your body and its condition.

Phase II - Post Hospitalization

Focus on your individual exercise prescriptions. While the emphasis is on aerobic activity, muscle strengthening and flexibility is also included. You may or may not be monitored by heart and blood pressure monitors based on your specific condition. Education and training focuses on improving your coronary risk factors.

Phase III - Non-Monitored Phase

 Your treatment plan continues and is guided by your goals, needs and capabilities. Discover your strengths and deficiencies while continuing your lifestyle for optimal health. Risk factor and education programs are available.

Phase IV - Maintenance

Fully resume your normal activities of work and leisure. Because of the improvements you have made in your lifestyle, expect to feel better and have greater physical capacities than before your cardiac event. Many patients choose to continue their exercise program.